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Thursday, August 14, 2003
  Useless facts about me

1. I was born in 1980. In Denmark.
2. My first cd was AC/DC Live.
3. The first cd I bought was called How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today by Suicidal Tendencies.
4. I was think I was about 13 years old at the time.
5. I tend to focus too much on music.
6. The only movie I have seen more than once in a cinema is Fight Club.
7. Then I bought the book and the soundtrack.
8. God gave me my face, but I got to pick my nose.
9. I should be able to speak Spanish, German, French, English and Danish. But I can't.
10. I prefer Conan to Letterman, and Letterman to Leno. But we don't get Conan on Danish TV.
11. I know more about American politics than about Danish politics, and I don't know a lot about American politics.
12. I would have voted for Al Gore instead of Bush.
13. I once played guitar in a deathmetal band.
14. I also once played bass in a Jamie Walters tribute band.
15. We weren't any good and could only play 2 songs.
16. I claim to have great taste in movies and know everything about them.
17. Strangely one of my favorite films is Office Space.
18. I have a huge Army of Darkness poster on my wall.
19. I think monkeys are funny.
20. If I had the money I would buy 1000 monkeys and 1000 typewriters and pass their work of as my own.
21. I haven't had a good haircut for ages.
22. My cd's have to be sorted alphabetical or my world will come crashing down.
23. Everything else in my room is a mess.
24. My favorite Simpsons character is Rainier Wolfcastle.
25. Because I was very bored as a child I believe I've seen every episode of Full House.
26. I also once saw 37 hours of Simpsons in a week.
27. The most embarrasing cd I've ever bought is Human Clay by Creed.
28. I Believe the best music was made in the early 90's.
29. And Grunge never died, it's just napping.
30. I've never written a poem, and I can't paint to save my life.
31. I hate it when rappers become actors, and I hate when actors become musicians.
32. Except when Steven Seagal plays guitar - thats' just funny.
33. The best concert I've ever seen is probably Black Sabbath in '98
34. I didn't like the first Lord of the Rings movie - haven't seen the second.
35. I was this close to walking out on Matrix Reloaded.
36. Not to mention The Phantom Menace.....
37. According to The Spark I'll die March 26, 2044. Which is a pretty decent run I guess.
38. I never buy drinks when I'm out. Only beer the doctor said.
39. Seinfeld is the best sit-com ever made.
40. Dr. Phil is the biggest idiot on TV.
41. I like all kinds of music.
42. My collection is almost complete.
43. I actually don't like all kinds of music, but I think it's a funny joke.
44. I like to tell people I have an evil twin called Ricardo who is the one who gets drunk at parties.
45. When Ricardo falls at a party, I am still the one who gets bruised.
46. He once fell backwards down a staircase, so I had to take little red painkillers for a month.
47. They made me drowsy and confused, so in the end I stopped taking them.
48. Can you believe number 27? I'm still in denial.
49. I believe cynicism is just a harsh way of saying the truth.
50. I also believe cynicism may be spelled wrong.
51. I hate people who wear silly hats.
52. Don't get me wrong, I like a good hat as much as the next person, I just hate silly hats.
53. Contrary to popular belief, moustaches can be quite cool
54. But I guess you always wan't what you can't have.
55. Except for aardvarks. I'd never want an aardvark.
56. I once had a houseplant called Owen Wilson.
57. It was named after the volleyball in Castaway, and a spider named Owen in some shite Freddie Prinze Jr flick.
58. When I grow up I'd like to have a henchman, or henchmen, to kill everybody who disagree with me.
59. Or an unholy army of henchmonkeys. Of darkness.
60. I very often suffer from insomnia, except I don't know if it is technically insomnia, or that I just can't sleep.
61. When I haven't slept for about two days I have a tendency to get jittery and nervous.
62. But honestly, don't we all?
63. I believe there's a lot of truth to the old saying "Two guys must never share an umbrella".
64. I prefer Diet Coke to regular.
65. I've never had any surgery.
66. Not counting the time I was abducted by aliens of course.
67. And probing is hardly surgery.
68. Sometimes I'm not sure I get the concept of weblogs.
69. When looking at weblogs, a lot the writers are apparently single.
70. I wonder if there's a connection...
71. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
72. I spend to little time writing on my weblog, and to much time checking if I get any hits.
73. I don't know why people feel guilty when they don't update their weblog, but sometimes I do the same myself.
74. But I shouldn't. It's not like your world is falling apart if I don't update. Or is it?
75. Maybe it is - that fills me with power. Power is good.
76. I often laugh at my own jokes, but I hate when other people do it.
77. Especially if they aren't funny.
78. I dislike smileys and people who write *LOL* after every sentence.
79. I think it's stupid that a negative smiley :-( is still called a smiley. It should be called a frowney.
80. I think there should be an adjective called "ruptive" for people who don't disrupt people.
81. And a word called "gruntled" for postal workers who are pleased with their job.
82. I have a small scar on my left eyebrow, but I'm not as cool as Dylan McKay. Few are.
83. I'm very stupid when it comes to money
84. Some people have a bad temper, mine is quite nice.
85. If I should describe my self only by mentioning one band I would either say Local H or Type O Negative.
86. It's strange that I think John Cusack is really cool, when I really don't care too much for Joan Cusack.
87. Because my brother is called John Poul, one of my friends suggested that I should change my name to Ringo George.
88. I think The Beatles are overrated.
89. Sticks and stones may break my bones, and they proabably will.
90. The only famous person I've ever had a conversation with is Matt from Nada Surf. And a couple of Danish semi celebs.
91. I'm really no good at making lists, eventhough I quite enjoy talking about myself.
92. I'm also pretty bad at taking exams. Not that I get nervous, I'm just generally unprepared.
93. I tend to roll my eyes and hurry on to another website when people talk about "A-list bloggers" and "the blogosphere".
94. I think some people may just take themselves and blogging too serious.
95. I think I'm a relatively slow reader. And writer.
96. If I was locked up in a house for 100 days and could only bring 1 book I would probably bring The Norton Anthology of English Literature Vol. 2
97. I'm no good at buying presents, which is why I make an effort not to have a girlfriend come christmas time.
98. Or so I tell myself.
99. I am vey easily bored.
100. Luckily for me I have now written a 100 things about myself and can now return to watching Hot Shots on TV.

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